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Diagnostics and therapy

We are operating in the field of modern innovative techniques, not available in our healthcare system, used for the diagnostics, prevention, and therapy of diseases.


Complete blood count and comprehensive physical examination of your internal organs – in vivo

An express, 6-minute examination, without puncturing the vein – in vitro – the “gold standard“ providing 131 measured values

Comprehensive breast examination

It includes three innovative non-invasive methods, none of them requires the X-radiation electrical impedance mammography thermography radiometry


a new therapeutic method - a breakthrough in the fight against pain, inflammation, hard-to-heal wounds, bacterial, viral and mycotic infections

Lymphotherapy and therapeutic massages

reduction and elimination of pain and blocks in the locomotor system, lymphatic system, problems related to internal organs, stress and other negative mental conditions

Other non-invasive investigative methods

SW Max Pulse new

A non-invasive examination of heart rate variability, quantitative evaluation of the autonomous nervous system (ANS), including the evaluation of patency…


Differential diagnostics of inflammatory and functional disorders of muscles, joints, bones, vessels and nerves, tissues of human organs...

Microwave radiometry

It includes three innovative non-invasive methods, all without the X-radiation, you can thus undergo them in any age, (women and…


Character analysis and control during your effort to make a more healthy and healthy figure with InBody 230

One of the best and most accurate measurements of the composition of the human body. The principle of the InBody measurement method is unique in contrast to other bioimpedance devices...