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About us

Alterum Medica – non-invasive diagnostics and therapy

„It is better to prevent than cure“.

We are operating in the field of modern innovative techniques, not available in our healthcare system, used for the diagnostics, prevention, and therapy of diseases. They include mainly non-invasive diagnostic methods and therapies that are not harmful for a patient /client/ without the X-radiation/and without unnecessary trauma/blood analysis without puncturing a vein/.
We offer the above-standard diagnostics, preventive and therapeutic healthcare in specialties such as internal medicine, oncology, sports traumatology, diabetology, dietology, rheumatology, surgery, dermatology and aesthetics, mammology, gynaecology, neurology, nephrology, as well as stomatology.
Non-invasive diagnostic methods used in our clinic are capable of detecting even pre-clinical stages of diseases, i.e. threats and disruptions in an organism which a patient might not feel yet. Doctors are thus able to commence very early preventive measures to avoid development of diseases or disorders. In the case of more serious diagnostic findings, we will suggest further diagnostic procedure carried out by a specialist.
We promote the prevention. You know it. Until we feel pain or until our condition forces us to see a doctor, we undervalue the symptoms that are in fact easy to live with. “I am very busy“, “I do not have time“ are the most frequent excuses to leave your health for later. The same applies to your dissatisfaction with your figu7re which you are always going to change “tomorrow”.
In the therapy we use exogenous nitric oxide (NO Therapy). NO is very important for our organism and in low long-term concentration it leads to pathological processes in our organism. In addition to myocardial protection and blood pressure regulation, nitric oxide has a wide range of other useful effects in the whole organism.

“Nitric oxide is currently regarded as the most important molecule in the body, absolutely crucial for our health.“ – Louis Ignarro, a Nobel Prize laureate in 1998 for the nitric oxide research

“Lack of nitric oxide is behind all types of imbalances, such as bone mass loss, diabetes, and cancer.“ – Dr. Nathan Bryan, University in Texas


To ensure your satisfaction, all the team members are constantly learning and spend a lot of time and resources on applying the latest knowledge, principles, and standards in practice.