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Modern examination methods
without blood collection and X-rays


Diagnosis and treatment

We are dealing with modern innovative methods of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases that you cannot find in our health system.

Total blood and organism examination

Express 6-minute examination, no injection into a vein – in vitro – “gold standard” results in 131 measured values ​​of the state of internal organs and your body


NO Terapia

A new method of treatment – a breakthrough in the fight against pain, inflammation, hard healing wounds, bacterial, viral and fungal infections


Lymphotherapy and therapeutic massage

Relieve and eliminate pain and blocks of the musculoskeletal system, lymphatic system, internal organ problems, stress and other mental negative conditions


Another non-invasive
examination methods

Modern innovative methods of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases that you will not find in our health system

Treatment G-NO PLASMA

It is a highly effective method of treatment that is
based on the action of exogenous oxide
nitric and air plasma.


Our patients’ stories

Read interesting stories and opinions of people we helped with their difficulties

The story of Mrs. Zuzana – Golden Staphylococcus and NO therapy

I go regularly for 2 months for NO therapy, nitric oxide sprays and detox therapy. Honestly. During detox, I relax and lie on a special mat that emits a field, reduces disharmony in the body and harmonizes the energy of cells in the human body. After 3 weeks I not only felt but saw the difference. You can also see them in the photos. The gutter was completely broken at the beginning. Now I go to maintenance and the wound is healed. I have a prosthesis from morning and everything is fine. I start doing sports, I started cycling. Of course I take goat’s milk supplements and lots of vitamins.

The story of Mrs. Zuzana – “How NO therapy helped me with severe diabetes”

Of course, I measure my blood sugar every day, I don’t eat sweet at all, I try to move even when the hospital told me the opposite. I don’t have much to walk, not to step on that leg. All the other way around. In Alterum Medica, the doctor says the opposite: Just walk! I bought tracking sticks and I go out with my girlfriend for a short walk. Stability even though I lost my thumb and has improved. The human body learns everything when it has to.

I am living proof that NO treatment is very useful in my case, as well as herbal medicines and other therapies, as evidenced by the photographs themselves. I want to continue treatment and I appreciate Dr. Janský and the whole team of the clinic.


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are growing in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.


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We are a clinic of non-invasive diagnosis and treatment of diseases, which offers above-standard diagnostic, preventive and curative health care in the medical fields of internal medicine, oncology, cardiology, sports traumatology, diabetesology, dietology, rheumatology, surgery, dermynology, aesthetics, germ, gastroenterology, nephrology and dentistry.

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