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Lymphotherapy and therapeutic massage

Certain therapeutic treatments are aimed at eliminating stress and other mental negative conditions

We offer non-invasive procedures and methods that are able to alleviate or eliminate the causes of pain and blocks of the musculoskeletal system – spine, hip and other joints, problems associated with internal organs – urinary, lymphatic, respiratory, immune systems….

Dorn method & Breuss massage

relieves spine and joint pain & regenerates intervertebral discs, in many cases can prevent surgery

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Dorn method

The basic purpose and principle of the Dorn method is to return the joints and vertebrae to their original ideal position in a dynamic movement by employing the muscles in the respective treatment area.

Said method allows the release or release of the product. the elimination of problems of the musculoskeletal system as well as affect the functioning of internal organs related to some vertebrae of the human spine. By deleting, respectively. By removing harmful substances from the joints of the organism, their mobility is significantly improved.

The first step is to check and straighten the length of the legs, straighten the pelvic area, and then check the spine condition of the person being treated. If one of the vertebrae is swung or invaded, its reponence follows. Swerving of one of the vertebrae may be caused by improper posture, injury or internal organ problems associated with the vertebrate. This is also true in the opposite direction – a sagging vertebra and a related internal organ problem. The Dorn method with its procedures allows the treatment of individual joints, as well as the correction of inches – halux. For successful elimination of the treated problems is necessary cooperation of the treated person – by performing recommended exercises.

Breuss massage

It is a gentle back massage in the area of ​​the spine using lubricating oil by penetration, which regenerates the intervertebral discs and thus eliminates secondary problems of nerve endings of the spine. Soothing Breuss massage releases not only physical and mental blockages, but also regulates energy flows in the area.

Reflexology foot massage

diagnoses organ disorders in the body, relieves migraines, improves blood circulation and restores functions of blocked nervous system

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Reflexology foot massage takes advantage of the fact that there are reflective points of all internal and movement organs on the feet and feet. During reflex foot massage, problems can be diagnosed that have not yet grown into a form of disease of the organ. Whether you are suffering from a chronic or acute illness or simply looking for a way to reduce tension, a reflex massage can be the answer to your problem. Reflexology uses pressure and massage of the reflex zones on the foot.

Reflexology massage is achieved

  • relaxation
  • improvement of blood circulation
  • restoration of blocked nervous system function
  • musculoskeletal disorders
  • blocked cervical spine
  • pain in all the big joints
  • migraine conditions
  • diagnostic and therapeutic effect


The removal of harmful substances from the joints of the organism significantly improves their mobility and affects the activity of internal organs

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Banking has been known since ancient times, when various hollow objects of animal or vegetable origin were used. Presently, glass flasks, plastic flasks equipped with a non-return valve to maintain the vacuum generated, and elastic flasks are used, in particular, for bank massage. The principle of banking is to create a negative pressure in the used bank, whereby the skin and especially the subcutaneous skin is drawn in and the blood flow and overheating in the treated area is increased. Subsequently, the subcutaneous metabolism is accelerated and thus pollutants are washed away, which are washed away by the lymphatic system of the body. The required vacuum is achieved in glass flasks by burning a wick and then applying it to the prepared skin of the treated person. For plastic flasks equipped with a non-return valve, vacuum is achieved with a vacuum pump, and for elastic flasks, they are simply compressed.

Said method allows the release or release of the product. the elimination of problems of the musculoskeletal system as well as affect the functioning of internal organs related to some vertebrae of the human spine. By deleting, respectively. By removing harmful substances from the joints of the organism, their mobility is significantly improved.


  • Problems and disorders of the spine, difficulties in the musculoskeletal system, especially all joints
  • Difficulties associated with eye, ear, face pain
  • Difficulties associated with the urinary tract (kidney, urinary tract, bladder)
  • Colds, vocal cords, bronchi, asthma
  • Problems related to internal organs
  • Cardiovascular system
  • Improvement of immunity, hormonal and lymphatic system


treatment with body and ear candles that eliminate digestive, respiratory problems, use in inflammations of the ear, sinuses and migraine

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The ancient nations have discovered that if there is an obstacle in the path of energy flow, this blockade causes us pain. The candle will help to release and restore energy flow. Candles were once made from bark or from medicinal plants that suppress pain. Later they found that if the textile candle was immersed in beeswax, the burning would be much slower and more even and the effect would be greater.

The funnel-shaped canvas, soaked in beeswax and healing essences, allows the creation of a chimney effect. The heat created by the burning of the candle softens the accumulated and dried sebum and vacuums the created chimney effect. The candle releases the resulting block in the body.


Body Candle

  • for airways – eucalyptus, camomile, materina sip
  • for digestive problems – anise, camomile
  • for problems of nervous origin – lavender, jasmine
  • rheumatic problems – tea plant

Ear candles

  • in ear and sinusitis
  • hearing impaired
  • in tinnitus, headache, migraine, vegetative disorders

Reiki treatments

natural energy that removes energy blocks in the human body that cause psychosomatic problems

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Reiki is a natural energy that allows us to remove energy blocks in the human body. If our energy flows unhindered, we are healthy, we feel good, we have no health problems, we do not feel stressed, there are no psychosomatic problems in our country. The effects of our surroundings (stress, fear, sadness, anger, etc.) in the energy bodies block the flow of energy and consequently the problems of the physical body and the psyche. Prolonged non-removal of these energy blocks can result in human health.

A person initiated in one of the higher stages of Reiki has the opportunity to remove the energy blocks and thereby bring the body into the desired balance of the physical and energy body.

The importance of REIKI treatment

  • Harmonization of chakras and aura
  • Total harmonization, energy supply
  • Treatment of physical and mental level
  • Removing negative programs from the subconscious
  • You can open so-called. permanent channel – a place where you choose to reiki flow in the long term
  • It helps in contact with the spiritual world
  • It ensures spiritual growth and spirituality
  • It is designed for people, animals, plants, planet

Relaxation of the cervical spine

unblocking the cervical spine and treating the joints of the hands – improves the work of the brain, improves sight, tennis elbow, adjusts heart activity


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All problems in the human body are caused by insufficient circulation of energy through the body. The critical point is the muscles around the cervical spine. Releasing them immediately removes the blockage and thus increases the energy flow and the result is immediate. Relaxation of the cervical spine is done by gently massaging the muscles around the cervical spine, releasing the stiffness of the shoulder straps and treating the joints of both hands. The result of this method is to improve metabolism – the brain works better, vision is improved, heart activity is improved, movement system, tennis elbow, etc. are improved.

If the blockages last for a long time, stiffness extends to the surrounding areas – arms, chest, forearms, wrists, which are also released during the massage.

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