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Alterum Medica

Non-invasive diagnostics and treatment

“Better prevent than treat”.

We are dealing with modern innovative methods of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases that you cannot find in our health system. These are mainly non-invasive methods of diagnosis and treatment harmless to the patient / client (without X-ray radiation) and without unnecessary traumatization (blood analysis without injection into a vein).

We offer above-standard diagnostic, preventive and curative health care in the medical fields of internal medicine, oncology, sports traumatology, diabetology, dietology, rheumatology, surgery, dermatology and aesthetics, mammology, gynecology, neurology, nephrology and nephrology.

The non-invasive diagnostic methods we use can detect pre-clinical stages of disease, ie threats and disruptions in the body that you may not immediately feel. Therefore, physicians can take precautionary measures early enough so that diseases or disorders do not break out. In case of more serious diagnostic findings, we will suggest a further diagnostic procedure with a specialist.

We promote prevention. You know it. Unless something hurts us, or a medical condition does not make us see a doctor, we downplay the symptoms that you can actually live with. “A lot of work”, “I don’t have time” are the most common arguments for postponing your health. Not dissatisfying with the dissatisfaction with your character, which you will “change tomorrow”.

In therapy we use exogenous nitric oxide (NO therapy). NO is essential for our organism and its long-term low concentration leads to pathological processes in our organism. In addition to protecting the heart muscle and regulating blood pressure, nitric oxide has a wide range of other beneficial effects throughout the body.

“Nitric oxide is now considered to be the most prominent molecule in the body, absolutely critical to your health.” – Louis Ignarro, Nobel Prize laureate of 1998 for nitric oxide research

“The lack of nitric oxide is behind all kinds of imbalances such as bone loss, diabetes and cancer.” Nathan Bryan, University of Texas


To ensure your satisfaction, all team members are constantly educated and spend a lot of time and resources applying the latest knowledge, principles and standards in practice.

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About Alterum Medica

We are a clinic of non-invasive diagnosis and treatment of diseases, which offers above-standard diagnostic, preventive and curative health care in the medical fields of internal medicine, oncology, cardiology, sports traumatology, diabetesology, dietology, rheumatology, surgery, dermynology, aesthetics, germ, gastroenterology, nephrology and dentistry.

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